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Following are answers to the questions most often asked. If this does not fully answer your question or you would just like to learn more about JavaJavaMoola FUNdraising, please give us a call at (800) 851-9015 or contact us by email at


Are there minimum order sizes?

No. There are no minimums, thereby eliminating any risk.

What will the shipping charges be?

Regardless of what you order; 1 bag or 1,000 bags JavaJavaMoola Trading Company charges a flat $ 10 handling fee per order which makes it very easy to budget.There is not an additional shipping fee inside the continental United States.

Are there set up charges for customized labels?

No, customization is a standard part of our fundraising program.

Are there charges for more than one color used on the label?

No, full color customized labels are a standard part of the program.

Are there any upfront costs?


What is the turnaround time?

Once your order is submitted we have a 7 to 10 business day processing plus a few days for shipping.

How do I turn my order in?

We provide you with an easy to use online order entry system. We provide the passwords and instructions to you. Simply tab through to enter your orders, the tool consolidates your order and with a click of a button your order is submitted.

How do I get started?

Simply Contact Us and we will get you started or click on  GET STARTED and start now! 

Are there quantity discounts?

JavaJavaMoola believes you should receive a discounted price on the very first bag.

How do we pay?

At the completion of your order it will be invoiced, we accept  checks or cash. You can also pay online using PayPal and any major credit card.

Can I return items that were mistakenly ordered?

Unfortunately, each bag is highly customized and will not be able to be returned.

Is coffee easy to sell?

Coffee is the second largest traded commodity (second only to crude oil) and the United States is the largest consumer of coffee in the world. Coffee is an everyday consumable product and is part of every household budget. And for the non-coffee drinking market we have our specialty beverage line as well.

Why should I choose JavaJavaMoola for my next fundraiser?

  • High Profit Margin

  • No Minimum Order Size

  • No Upfront Money

  • Risk Free

  • Free Customized Labels & Logos

  • Free Glossy Selling Brochures

  • Exotic Coffees People Love

  • National YouTube contest (Coming Soon)

  • Outstanding Customer Service

  • No Shipping Charges  ( A Flat $10 Handling Per Order) 

What products can I choose from?

We have a medium bodied coffee; regular and decaf, a dark roasted coffee, 12 flavored regular and 12 flavored decaf coffees; all available whole or ground. Totaling 27 choices. In addition, we have the four specialty beverages for your non-coffee drinking market.

What types of organizations do you work with?

JavaJavaMoola Trading Company welcomes the opportunity to work with all organizations from the individual to the large national organizations.

Where do you ship?

We can ship anywhere in the world however special arrangements will be made for those shipping locations outside of the continental US.

How is it packaged?

The 10 oz. coffees are packaged in one-way valved heat sealed foil bags. These bags are available in ten colors; you can choose two colors one for regular and one for decaf. The specialty beverages are packaged in 10 oz. black heat-sealed foil resealable standup pouches.

Do I have to pay for the selling brochures?

No. We will provide full-color glossy order forms typically one per seller on your team. If additional selling space is needed, we have printable order forms available on our website.

What if I run out of brochures?

If additional selling space is needed, we have printable order forms available on our website.

What grade of coffee do you use?

JavaJavaMoolaTrading Company exclusively uses the top 2 % Arabica coffees in all of its product lines. Your coffee will not be roasted until we receive your order, ensuring the utmost freshest possible coffees.

What are the costs of your fundraising products?

While we have been able to hold our fundraising prices for the last several years and anticipate being able to do so in the future; vulnerability in the coffee market could play a role in our pricing long term. You will always receive our volume discount pricing regardless of the size of your order and it will be locked in before you begin your fundrainsing campaign.



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I had a cup of coffee this morning, as I often do. It wasn't a new flavor. I did not experiment with different ratios of cream or sugar. It wasn't a particularly notable coffee-drinking experience. But as I was drinking it, I thought, "Man, I'm drinking coffee. I like this part of the day..........."

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