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JavaJavaMoola National YouTube Contest

FAQWelcome to our YouTube Contest...we hope you and your team will decide to enter and represent your organization. While there is a cash award for the best entry each calendar year, the value you can add to the FUNdraising Campaign of the organization that sponsors you will far out weigh the recognition and financial rewards you might receive. So look over the contest rules, put together a great team and let's get started.


To create a YouTube musical video to be used by the sponsoring organization conducting a FUNdraising Event to promote their specific fundraiser.

The video should create excitement, awareness and participation and contribute to meeting the FUNdraising goals of the organization.

Annually, JavaJavaMoola FUNdraising and JavaJavaMoola Trading Company will select a winner for  the best YouTube video from those submitted based on a scoring system outlined below. The winner will be awarded $ 250.00 which will be presented to the sponsoring organization. A top 10  finalist list will be announced on January 5th of each year and the winner will be announced on February 1st of each year.

The winner will be selected based on the following scoring system:


Number of views on YouTube



Impact on their FUNdraising event



Presentation of Fundraiser's Purpose



Presentation of JavaJavaMoola



Entertainment / Fun Factor



Technical / Artistic Quality



Total Possible Score




1.  Each entry must be sponsored by an organization holding a JavaJavaMoola FUNdraising event during the year entered.  Multiple entries / teams from the same organization are allowed.

2.  The video created must be fun, entertaining and G Rated.

3.  It must include a musical soundtrack with a rhythmic drum beat and extra points will be considered for original music. Other instruments can be used as well as a narrator.

4.  The video must display the JavaJavaMoola logo and must be visible on the screen for at least 15 seconds.  It should capture the essence of who JavaJavaMoola is and it's desire to "Simply Make A Difference".

5.  The video must effectively  promote the FUNdraising Organization's Event and it's purpose and mission.

6.  All entries ( video & soundtrack) will become the property of JavaJavaMoola Trading Company upon submission and permission is therefore given for the material to be displayed  or to promote similar future contests.

7.  Each video must be at least 30 seconds and cannot be longer than 120 seconds.

8.  To enter, a complete application must be submitted prior to the Sponsors Fundraising event. Once a video is complete, email notice should be sent by going to "Contact Us" inside , providing the YouTube address where the entry has been posted.  If the submission is determined to meet all the rules, it will be posted on the official JavaJavaMoola channel at along with all of the other entries. The top 10 finalist and the winner will be selected from all videos that have been displayed on the JavaJavaMoola Channel for at least one day during the calendar year.

JavaJavaMoola Contest Application


We have read the contest rules and agree to abide by them. We understand that JavaJavaMoola retains the right to use our submittal to promote Fundraising Events and we hereby grant our release for such use and hold JavaJavaMoola Trading Company harmless for same. By clicking the agree button I agree to the agreement. By clicking the "Agree" button I accept these terms.


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